The Search for Mrs. Cubby
Single Golden male.  Obedience champion; certified therapy dog; top model.  I am easygoing and affectionate.  
Okay, I like to run around a little bit, but at my age only when there is a squeaky ball to fetch and, ideally, swimming
involved.  My former Mrs., with whom I had a fine litter of pups, is geographically undesirable (Chicago) and, alas,
has been spayed.  I have recently become a teenager but continue, knock on wood, to turn heads and attract
whistles.  Still in super shape, as is my sperm (frozen).

Seeks similarly broad-headed, sweet-natured, confident Golden female, AKC, with child-bearing, non-dysplastic
hips.  Must enjoy the outdoors and long walks, as well as cuddling indoors for naps on one of my many beds.  I
offer great genes—handsome, smart, laid back—the whole package.  Even will share toys.  Will kiss for treats.  
Available for dating or long term relationship.
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